• Languages

    • JavaScript
    • HTML5
    • CSS 3
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • C#
  • Frameworks/Platforms

    • React + Flux + Relay
    • ReactART (canvas & SVG)
    • Salesforce Aura / Lightning
    • NodeJS / ExpressJS
    • D3.js (data viz)
    • Jest / Jasmine (unit testing)
  • Server Platforms

    • Debian / Ubuntu
    • RHEL / CentOS
  • Databases

    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
  • Source Control

    • Hg
    • Git
    • Perforce


  • Apr 2016 - present

    Coliseum College Prep Academy (Oakland Unified School District)

    Director, Computer Science

    • Lead the development of a new high school Computer Science pathway (California Career & Techical Education).
    • Vetted and developed Computer Science curriculum for grades 8 - 12.
    • Taught Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade respectively.
    • Built and coached the Pioneers in Engineering robotics team for grades 10 - 12.
    • Designed and implemented Android programming senior capstone project; groups of students envisioned and created apps with Social Justice themes. Available on Google Play Store.
    • Served as one of 300 CollegeBoard AP Readers for the AP Computer Science A exam in 2019.
    • Attended SIGCSE (Special Interest Group in CS Education) annual conference 2017 - 2020.
  • Jan 2019 - present

    Laney College (Peralta Community College District)

    Instructor, Computer Information Systems

    • Taught UC/CSU transferrable Computer Science courses: Assembly Language and Computer Organization, Java Programming.
    • Developed curriculum for new Android certification program offered by Laney College.
    • Revised course descriptions to reflect in-demands skills and trends in industry.
  • Sept 2015 - Mar 2016

    Instagram Monetization

    Frontend Engineer

    • Joined team in order to help the ads for Instagram initiative achieve its crucial Q4 goals.
    • Built compatibility for the Page Post Engagement ad objective into the PowerEditor and Ads Manager interfaces; enabling substantial growth of Instagram revenue.
    • Collaborated closely with Facebook ads interface and API teams to extend compatibility to Instagram customers.
    • Analyzed key performance metrics during feature rollout to make data-driven decisions regarding customer pain points.
    • Integrated with Facebook survey infrastructure to poll advertisers who were struggling with our interfaces.
    • Mentored 2 new colleagues through the 8 week Facebook bootcamp program.
  • Oct 2014 - Sept 2015

    Facebook Ad Insights

    Frontend Engineer

    • Designed and built a React-powered data visualization framework using ReactART.
    • Implemented data visualizations in the Facebook Ads Manager product (React + Flux).
    • Managed and mentored a summer intern who contributed significant features to our data visualization framework.
    • Evangelized our new data visualization platform to partner teams across Facebook; successfully onboarding over a dozen teams.
    • Contributed to highly successful Facebook product: Celebrate Pride | 72 Hours to Launch Celebrate Pride


  • Georgia Institute of Technology

    Computer Science, M.S. - In Progress

  • University of California, San Diego

    Computer Science, B.S. - Class of 2012